General Introduction

The selected place to perform RFI measurements along the current year is located in a quite flat (slope of 60 m over 40 km) and extended area. It is important to note that 150 km south of the chosen location, there runs an electric line that belongs to the high voltage (500 KV) network of our country.



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This line originates in the hidroelectric complex El Chocón - Cerros Colorados. The total power generated by this huge complex consisting of six turbines with a capacity of generating 200 MW each, amounts to 1,200 MW. The flux of active power available in this part of the network is 910 MW.

Road Access

The area selected to conduct RFI measurements along the current year a flat region located 23 km south of Victorica, in a site dubbed Poitagüe. It can easily be accessed by national route RN 35 and provincial routes RP 10 (paved) and RP 105 (unpaved).

The road network in this area is shown, along with the location of homesteads, towns and cities. Main geographical accidents are also marked.

Air Access

The closest airport likely to be used by large aircrafts is located 144 km away, in the city of Santa Rosa, the capital of Province of La Pampa. Fly-time from Buenos Aires is 1.3 hours and domestic flights arrive three days a week. Two alternative airports are located in the province of San Luis. The major one is 375 km (close to the city of San Luis) away and the other 281 km (close to the city of Mercedes). This major one is served by Aerolíneas Argentinas - Austral twice a day during five days a week. There is easy road link between San Luis and Victorica.

Population density, nearest towns and major urban centers

The nearest towns to the site are Carro Quemado (11.9 km away and a population of 271 inhabitants), Telén (17.7 km and 1300 inhabitants), Victorica (22.7 km and 5432 inhabitants) and Loventue (29.0 km and 123 inhabitants). The closest major urban center is the aforementioned Santa Rosa, located 144 km away with a population of 97000 inhabitants.

Licensed Broadcast Transmitters

There is one local low power FM based in Victorica transmitting at a frequency of 106.9 MHz. A TV station (channel 11) located in Luan Toro (44 km away from the potential site) broadcasts within the frequency range 198 to 204 MHz. Several low power microwave links are located in fix towers. The closest tower to the selected site is located 15 km away, in the vicinity of Carro Quemado, and transmits at 154, 1455 and 1509 MHz. Information about individual transmitters, including geographical location, exact frequencies of operation, antenna gain, antenna directivity, effective radiated power, etc. are available from the CNC and a comprehensive list is being assembled.

Geological characterization and Seismic Activity

The area is in a large plain (Pampean Plain) with a small topographical slope. The region is covered by recent permeable sediments (fine sand and silts) that form dunes. At the surface, sandy eolic sediments with a thickness up to 30 meters are present. They lie over silts with variable proportions of sand and clay, and usually calcareous materials. All of these sediments are Quaternary. There is negligible seismic activity.


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