May 23 2022



Coloquio: The Outflow Accretion Legacy Surveys (OLAS)

Coloquio virtual

The Outflow Accretion Legacy Surveys (OLAS): simultaneous panchromatic observations of the low mass X-ray binary Swift J1858

Expositor: Noel Castro-Segura


I will present the results of a unique multi-wavelength campaigns focused on the recently discovered LMXB Swift J1858. This system displayed extreme variability in both X-ray and optical bands, similar to the famous black hole binary V404 Cyg during its 2015 outburst. Our observations covered the full frequency range from X-ray to radio and were provided by observatories including XMM-Newton, NuSTAR, NICER, VLTs, Gemini, GTC, VLA, MeerKAT and HST. A key feature of the campaign is a 4-hour window during which we obtained time-resolved, strictly simultaneous observations across the whole electromagnetic spectrum.

I will walk you through the findings obtained by monitoring programs of independent instruments, then we will step back into a multi-wavelength perspective to get insights in the geometry of the system and the physical mechanism driving its outflows, unveiled thanks to the unprecedented coordination of several major observatories across the globe. We will finish with an overview of the findings of the system and how coordinated multi- wavelength campaigns can help us to understand the physics of compact objects and how they interact with their environment.