Están presentes en el IAR los grupos FRINGEGARRA, GARX y la Colaboración PuMA

El grupo Formación en Radio Interferometría comenzó en 2016 como una asociación de astrónomos cuyo nexo es la realización de estudios interferométricos en ondas centimétricas y milimétricas. Fringe está compuesto por investigadores y alumnos del Instituto de Radioastronomía Argentino y de la Universidad Nacional de La Plata.


The Relativistic Astrophysics and Radio Astronomy Group at the IAR, was founded in April 2000 on the basis of collaborations extending since 1993, and with the objective to further the studies on relativistic astrophysics and cosmology in Argentina. The group also includes researchers and students from other institutions, notably the Facultad de Cs. Astronómicas y Geofísicas of the University of La Plata.


Pulsar Monitoring in Argentina, is a scientific collaboration dedicated to the radio-observation of pulsars -rapidly-rotating and highly-magnetized neutron stars- from the Southern Hemisphere. The team, integrated by scientist and technicians from the Argentine Institute of Radioastronomy (IAR) and from Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), works with two 30-meters single-dish radio antennas at IAR. The main goal of this project is to perform a long-term observational campaign of pulsars to gain a better understanding of their nature. The team collaborates with NANOGrav members, monitoring milisecond pulsars in order to contribute to the detection of very low frequency gravitational waves through Pulsar Timing Array techniques.


The X-ray Astrophysics Group (GARX) is a group of astrophysicists based at the Argentine Institute of Radioastronomy (IAR) and the National University of La Plata (UNLP). GARX is formed by Researchers, Postdocs, PhD and M. Sc. students supported by the Argentine Research Council (CONICET), with multiple national and international collaborators. Their research mainly focuses on X-ray binaries, accreting compact objects, such as neutron stars and black holes, and their extended counterparts, supernova remnants.