Oct 18 2021



Coloquio: Modeling synchrotron polarization in runaway massive stars

Lunes 18 de octubre – 13:30 horas

Expositora: María Victoria del Valle, IAG, USP

Resumen: Runaway stars move through the interstellar medium with V > 30 km/s. When the star has powerful winds the interaction of the wind with the interstellar material produces a system of shocks. The outer shock, called the bow shock, propagates through the ambient medium cooling efficiently and compressing the gas. The bow shock of a massive runaway star was detected at radio wavelengths with a high level of non-thermal emission, most probably synchrotron radiation. This type of emission is intrinsically highly polarized. In this talk I will present a model of the bow shock structure of massive runaway stars, aiming to produce theoretical synchrotron polarization maps. I will also discuss the case of BD+43°3654, which was recently observed at radio but no polarization was detected.