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Expositor: Ing. Luca Cabral (IAR)
Abstract: A radio interferometer is a type of radio telescope which consists of at least two radio elements. In the general case, the signals taken by pairs of elements, after processing sample a given spatial frequency (uv components) of the incoming radiation of the astronomical source of interest. This working mode implies searching for a path to determine the location of all the elements of the interferometric array, so after processing the data have an appropriate signal to noise ratio (SNR), uv coverage, and beam shape with the intended resolution and low sidelobes. One of the goals of my PhD project is to study the distribution of the elements of an array. In this talk, I will present the status of the antenna location optimizer, to be used in the instrument Multipurpose Interferometer Array (MIA). MIA, under construction at IAR, will be the first radio interferometer to be fully designed, built and placed in Argentina.