Lunes 2 de mayo, 11 hs, auditorio del IAR / transmisión por el canal de YouTube del IAR

Expositores: Jiri Horak y Anabella Araudo

Irradiated relativistic accretion disks around a compact luminous star / Jiri Horak

Resumen: We study structure of a thin accretion disk surrounding a compact relativistic star radiating close to the Eddington limit. The attention is paid to both dynamical and energetic influence of stellar radiation on the accreted fluid. The vertical radiative transfer in the disk is treated using a combination of exact solution of radiative transfer equation for the irradiation and
Eddington approximation for the scattered and reprocessed radiation.
This method allows us to take into account anisotropy of the irradiation, as well as all relevant relativistic effects. We show some preliminary solutions for radial and vertical structure of thin radiation-pressure supported disks.

Jets at all scales: particle acceleration, magnetic field amplification, and non-thermal emission / Anabella Araudo

Resumen: Of all the processes in the Universe, the bipolar ejection of collimated plasma outflows from the inner regions of the accretion disc around a central object are among the most remarkable. The shocks that form in the highly supersonic jets are ideal sites for particle acceleration. By combining multi-wavelength observational data, numerical simulations and plasma physics we study Diffusive Shock Acceleration (DSA) and magnetic field amplification in jets from Active Galactic Nuclei, massive protostars, and nova outflows. The coexistence of an adiabatic and a radiative shock in the jet termination region is very promising for particle acceleration and high-energy emission. Furthermore, dense jets/outflows are excellent candidates for laboratory experiments with high-power laser facilities, opening the door to new means for studying particle acceleration in the laboratory. I will present our recent results on non-thermal processes in astrophysical jets at all scales, and future laboratory experiments.