Expositor: Guillermo Haguele

Resumen: The study of Lyman-α emitter objects (LAEs) at high redshift (z > 5) plays a key role in the understanding of the reionization epoch of the Universe, chemical evolution and galaxy formation. With the aim of disentangle its nature, we propose six new diagnostic diagrams performed using photoionization models and measured UV emission lines of five LAEs at high redshift (5.7 < z < 7.2) compiled from the literature. The photoionization models were built assuming a Power Law (associated with the presence of an AGN), a Direct Collapse Black Hole (DCBH), and Population II stars as the ionizing sources. Detailed photoionization models were also constructed to reproduce observational emission line ratios of the sample of LAEs, and to derive chemical abundances and number of ionizing photons Q(H) of these objects. From these models, we found metallicities Z/Zsun between 0.1 and 0.5 with log Q(H) > 53. Values for C/O abundance ratio derived for the LAEs seem to be consistent with those derived for local star forming objects with similar metallicities, while an overabundance of N/O was found. We will also discuss a probable link between LAEs and objects in the Local Universe.

11 de noviembre

13:30 hs