12 de noviembre. Aula del IAR
Título: The effects of the stellar wind on the jets of high-mass microquasars
Expositor: Edgar Molina – Universidad de Barcelona (UB) – Instituto de Ciencias del Cosmos (ICCUB)

Resumen: High-mass microquasars (HMMQ) are X-ray binaries that host a massive star and a compact object (CO) from which jets are produced. In these systems, the stellar wind from the companion star can significantly influence the jet propagation, both because the jet has to propagate through a dense medium filled with wind material, and because the wind impact on the jet may deviate it away from the star. I will present a review on different numerical and analytical approaches performed so far in order to model the jet-wind interaction in HMMQ. I will specially focus in a semi-analytical model that we have recently developed to study the large scale effects of this interaction combined with the orbital motion, both from a hydrodynamical and a radiative point of view. To conclude, I will also mention some aspects of an ongoing work that will explore the jet-wind interaction at the binary system scale.

Lunes 12 de noviembre. 13:30 horas. Aula del IAR